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Comments from editors and readers

The golden rules of a successful website is Content, Content, Content. OMG, not only do you have an abundance of Content, your site has Incredible Content! The kind of stuff much needed in a world that's morally bankrupt, a world of lost faith. And in the face of this, you offer great hope. As a human being and magazine editor, I am humbled by your writings, your photography, your humility and your daring, crossing so many bridges and boundaries to unite a sadly divisive world. I am honoured to call you a colleague and hope one day, learning from you, I could join your league. NGT, Editor

I love your descriptive prose. AB - Editor

Your writing is like poetry. WM - Editor

Wow, talk about handing me something on a plate!  This is a really nice Cognac piece. It's great to get such a nice story right there waiting for me. MH - Editor


Your brilliance shines through. JS - Editor

Just read it through the Chicago piece properly (rather than skimming). I've gotta LOVE it! JS - Editor

Your powers of description are powerful. You paint a picture through words. CT - Editor.

This is effing emotional food porn!  I’d love this recipe. It’s is one of my favourite things. There's a restaurant in my winter home that makes this beautifully. SK - Editor

I love your photography! You are so so talented. Brilliant!  SZ - Editor

I absolutely love it! The tone of the writing. It’s such a skill. When I read something like this, its wonderful and  immediately makes me want to book a plane ticket and go there!!! JME - Editor

This looks amazing! You’ve done a fantastic job here. DR - Publisher


Thank you for the wonderful, beautifully written story! EN, Editor-in-Chief

I was 'managing & commissioning' editor of Sawubona - South African Airways In-flight magazine. I commissioned many great South African, and international journalists, writers and photographers, for stories and articles. Top of my list (our sub-editor,  Maureen Miller, and I always agreed as to the 'top three') was Cindy-Lou Dale. An exceptional all-rounder: beautifully, well-researched writing; stunning photography. I can only humbly admit that Cindy taught me (as the so-called editor!) more about travel journalism, photography and succinct writing, then I had ever learned before! MDO, Editor 

I love the work you do and your help with the UK campaign was invaluable.  JS, Editor.


Your fresh, enlightening approach never fails! DS, Editor

I came across your Rajasthan article on a recent flight with WOW and write to thank you for reminding me of the profound nature of a good story. In this world of Instagram and Facebook, I find myself frustrated with the social media culture, which has people more concerned about gaining likes or experiencing something just so they can put it on Facebook. Yet your writing had me walking right beside you through the narrow village streets in Rajasthan. Thank you for reminding me that good writing still exists. I also love that you photograph cars - that is such a stand out characteristic! JD, Toronto.

I adore printing your work. LA, Editor. 

The poetic twist of your writing is very enjoyable to read. LG, Tourism Board.

What a fabulous article and beautiful photos. You've made my year! We can't wait to welcome you back. SK

Such descriptive writing, building intriguing images from a mysterious darkness. KC

I love the fruits of your curvaceous tongue. DTS.

You have managed to evoke more with words than with pictures. I now really want to visit Dover as you've told me fascinating things I never knew about the flora and fauna. I can smell the salt air, feel the butterfly wings whispering past my cheek and feel my heart soar with the falcon. Thank you for a wonderful read. HM.

The images of the Ferrari look fantastic - what an amazing car! SB, Editor.

I love your food articles. I don't know how you do it but you recount all the information perfectly. Your pieces are always full of interesting facts and figures. CG, Tourism Board.

This is a wonderful piece of writing which took my breath away. GR, Editor.

Cindy, I'm totally engrossed - this is amazing writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. LS, Editor.

Apart from being fascinating and descriptive, you feel you're there. Your writing always contains the three or four Cindy-Lou Dale vital statistics: a moral, a compliment, humour and audacious sassiness; and always a touch of tenderness that hits right to the heart of the people you're writing about, without being soppy. HMH, Editor.

I love the headline! I'm always amazed at the amount of detail you remember and put in your articles! WC, Tourism Board.

Your Rajasthan photos are absolutely stunning! You have an amazing talent for spotting beauty in the most unexpected places. BSJ

This is a really good piece, and the tone is perfect - the photos look terrific too (there's some talent behind the lens, I can see). JB, Editor.

This is such a wonderful piece of writing.  Thank you so much for the effort and research you’ve obviously put into it. I found it really interesting to read and thought the introduction and conclusion added a thought-provoking dimension. ER, Tourism Board.

Cindy is not only a great travel writer but an outstanding photographer as well - her zebra photo is absolutely outstanding and her story transports the reader to the location. I'll stack this story up against any you'll find in a mainstream travel title like Conde Nast Traveler or Travel+Leisure. RT, Editor

Wow, 8-page coverage - you're a rock star!!! SR, Tourism Board.

Such an evocative piece of writing, so authentic! I can taste the food, I've met the families, I can feel the textures of the neighbourhood. You’ve gathered up the city's history and made it come alive. DF, Editor

Oh my, you are beyond great. Thank you for coming to the rescue. FT, Editor

You are fantastic, thank you Cindy! NW, Tourism Board.

It's a pleasure working with you. Thank you for producing so much coverage. You have no idea how many journalists I have to chase after they've visited us. Some I never hear from again. WC, Tourism Board.

Your fabulous photos have brought this piece to life. IL, Editor

Top drawer writing, thank you! NMG, Editor

In my 7 years as managing editor, I briefed Cindy to cover stories - mostly in Africa. She is truly gifted and has the love and compassion, rarely found. EDF, editor

The photos are absolutely stunning! DB, Editor

Cindy this is wonderful! Thank you so much! LB, Editor

I love this article about Indian tea  – especially the “Aunty” bit – you captured it all spot on – complete with the head wagging! JS, Editor

The attention to detail in your writing borders on photographic. LCJ, Editor

I do so enjoy your writing style and am so glad that you're able to take care of the photography as well. LJ, Editor

Your photographs are amazing and the copy is as excellent as ever. RR, Editor

Your descriptive powers are awesome and truly exceptional! GR, Editor

There's a certain frisson of expectation in your script, a texture I feel of the places and people you describe and their essential diversity, all with their distinctive look and flavor. HH, editor

F'ing hell! Awesome writing. MP, Editor

A stunning piece of writing, I felt it, I was there. JA, Editor

These photographs are stunning! JN, Features Editor

I am truly humbled by your writing which crosses so many bridges and boundaries to unite a morally bankrupt world. DM, Political Editor

You are one of the best writers I've worked with - travel, profiles, reviews, great photographs. AV, Editor

What you wrote for me is beyond great! You are my top writer. OD, Editor

WOW the photos are absolutely stunning. GvH, Editor in Chief

I love how vibrant your London photos are! HJ, Editor

A wonderfully evocative piece of writing - your descriptive powers are enormous! GR, Editor

I love and admire your writing! HM, Editor

This is fantastic and extremely well written -you've really done the area justice with your descriptions. JL, Editor

The article is really well written and informative. BM

It's a great story and the photography superb! MS, Editor

I like how you focus solely on one topic, like one store, or only teashops or one district, one street. Send me more! KV, Editor.

I like your photos but especially your way with words. AN, Editor

Fantastic reading! KR, Editor

Mind-blowing super crisp images. AR

I love your work. You're probably the best writer I've ever worked with. SH, Editor

You are a lovely writer! This is a fab piece.  CP, Editor

This is a great piece of writing and the pictures are beautiful too. HC, Editor

Fantastic work. IS,  Editor

Brilliant, Cindy. That's one helluva piece of writing. Bravo! EF, Editor

This is a superb eerie piece and so incredibly written - your stuff is beautiful! MOD, Editor

I like the tone of your political work and I'm absolutely delighted to be able to publish your articles.  JS, Editor

Your article is so beautiful and humbling it brought tears to my eyes. LS, Editor

Absolutely brilliant. PP, Editor

Thanks and congratulations on your food and drink articles in the September Hemispheres issue.  They were fantastic and so much fun to read!  Great images also! MU, Seoul Tourism

Fantastic article, I felt I was there taking in the smells, sights and atmosphere. It lifts one's spirits. PGT

It's brilliantly written and full of really interesting topical information. SA, Editor.

Cindy, you write so beautifully. HM, Editor

This is one the best story I've had the privilege of editing!  JD, Editor

Cindy-Lou could write about trimming her toenails and keep me riveted, and most likely laughing to tears. I do wish she provided more photographs, but I suppose she is correct in that one should not provide too much evidence for the prosecution. If you ever find yourself seated next to a woman that reeks of cat pee, on an intentional flight, who proceeds to strip to her skivvies, so she can pack away her offending garments, all the while telling you it was an adoring Cheetah, that had a special way of showing affection. Well then, you need to introduce your self to Cindy. And no, I am not making this up and neither is she. Do not hire Cindy to do normal, as she has but one setting: Exceptional! BB, Publisher

It has been my good fortune to work with Cindy-Lou and publish her work in my magazine. Her writing is always entertaining and engaging and she is the ultimate professional - always delivering excellent work on time. KO, Editor

How on earth did you manage to pull this together? I am sure if I asked you to arrange a war, interview the dead or find Madeleine McCann, you would. MH, Editor

No wonder everyone loves you, Cindy. RC

I have commissioned Cindy-Lou to write for me on a number of occasions and have never been disappointed. She has also pitched a couple of great ideas to me which have been very positive for the titles I edit. She is very well connected and manages to make things happen - no matter how challenging the brief. She's quite exceptional. JR, Editor

I am blown away by your words. You really have guts! And so much passion. OM, Editor

No one else can make driving a car sound like sex. LK, Editor


Love the piece, it gave me goosebumps! TP


You are very, very good and versatile! PLD, Editor


I just love your writing. SB


Cindy, you are one of the (few) finest writers I have ever worked with. MD, Editor


Wow, Cindy, I love it. MO


I really enjoyed your writing and photography! Your work is very emotive. JK


Well-pitched and expressive, it definitely drew me into the story. CS, Editor


You write with a classiness and professionalism I've not found with other travel writers; you interject key facts and information with precision and leave your reading audience with a certainty that you know exactly what it is you're talking about. SB, Editor


You paint a three-dimensional picture with your words. It's pure cinema. GR, Editor


AMAZING....these are fantastic shots! MH, Editor


This was a fearless piece of journalism and a genuinely good read. KH, Editor


You tell it like it is - good, honest journalism. My mind's eye could see him squirm. PH, Editor


I've just taken a look at the copy. Very impressive! LKP, Editor


Amazing photography. HLS, Editor


My gut was turning as I read your article. I'm not usually an emotional person, but the tears rolled and my heart yearns to go back. PR


Your travel writing is far superior to most of our existing writers and I know I can always rely on you. MD, Editor


Your writing is superb. BT, Editor


You really do write beautifully. Your descriptions and your choice of words are a treat. MH


I love your writing style more than anything I've read in a long while. I've gotten to know how you operate through the many features you've writen for us and how professionally you facilitate assignments. Darn, you're so dependable too! - MDO, Editor


I'm really thrilled with the photos Cindy, thank you. - RSE, Editor


I like this article. It reads well and is very informative! It will work great for us! - SS, Editor


These are probably the best shots of this type of wildlife I have seen. CH, Editor


Amazing, thank you Cindy - DJ, Editor


This is so intense, the stark colours so brilliant, I cannot believe how beautiful this country is - KH, Editor


Your Nigeria piece really rocks! - MG, Editor


What a beautifully written piece with such 'goosebump' photography - MO, Editor


Very nice job! - KP, Editor


Checking out your latest blog at Automotive Traveler is always a treat. You have a great talent for capturing a moment in time - whether it's a couple at the seaside or your anecdote about taking the trash out late one night, in Brussels. And your feature piece on Malawi is still the one I tell new readers of AT to read first! - RT, Editor


I have goosebumps all over and a tear in my eye. My God, this is so beautiful, thank you! - NO, Editor


Excellent work. - LN, Editor


Your killjoy intro, your untamed voice, and your pithy passion for what you love and hate is so exhilarating and we love it! AV, Editor


All your stuff is fantastic, but this interview especially so. SH - Editor


Your coffee story really moved me; I felt for those farmers and thought about the joy they must get from those new bicycles and school uniforms. WK - Editor


Keep on sending us, we love your stuff. GN - Editor


Doing the last minute adjustments to the October issue, and I just reread your article and wanted to tell you that I think this is simply the most charming piece I have ever printed in this magazine. LB - Editor


If that was just a first draft, I wish my other writers could turn in final drafts half as good. RT - Editor.


Your article about the Asian Tsunami is frighteningly brilliant. MA - Editor


We think you're great Cindy. KP - Editor


Thank you for doing such a superb job for our magazine! PF - Editor


I really love the energy and passion that you show in your writing, combined with a great level of knowledge and understanding. JAD - Editor


These articles are fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Thanks for covering this destination so well. AM - Editor


We've had rave reviews from all over the world about your Hungarian wine article. MH - Editor


Great article as usual. AH - Editor


I love your descriptions, your sense of humour and the brilliant use of adjectives, metaphors and similes. You truly evoke all the senses. HM - Editor


We love your Isle of Mann piece and the Ugandan coffee farmers. And the Malawi photo essay. We love it all. You give us reason to live. SH - Editor


The voice of this piece is outstanding; I wouldn't ask you to change it one bit.  JB - Editor


I love your use of the English language. MR - Editor


Thanks for the early and excellent article. I enjoy your writing style. JMC - Editor


I truly enjoy your writing and superb photos. SM - Editor


A magnificent piece of truth-telling! JA - Editor


I wish to thank you for the great work that you are doing to bring these matters to the attention of the world community. Keep up the pressure. - SL


Just a quick kudo from one writer to another. I marvel at your work - fluid, artistic, exciting, "chancie" and fulfilling. - DB


You have the knack of turning a dull subject into a fascinating topic THAT is a sign of a true professional. I never thought I would find myself reading 2,500 words about Belgium coffee and liking it! JL


Many thanks for your wonderful writings and truths about this world - DC


Your article about the Tsunami is an eye-opening masterpiece - HA


I read your lovely article on trade in Uganda - very touching and a refreshing treat in a world that just doesn't get it.  JB


Your article about Berlin's nightlife is BRILLIANT and the way you describe the most pornographic of instances without once using a graphic word is written with such elegance. This is truly artistic. MH


Excellent writing! SW


Your superb writing has inspired me to travel to Namibia. JK


I really loved your article in Nomads about the Congo Gorillas. AB


What a wonderful article, and such fantastic photographs.SH


You have a keen mind and great talent for observing critical details. JN


Brilliant, brilliant, have said everything that has been in my mind for the past 11 years. Please keep this up, be the voice for the many, many frustrated South Africans and ex SA's of all colours. WI


Your Malawi story is so touching. EJ


I loved your article. It tells the truth about South Africa which most of the people in the US don't know.  I did not even know many of the facts that you wrote of. I think you handled the situation like a true pro. DA


I particularly enjoyed your prose; your opening paragraphs are well-crafted and I found myself wanting to read on. PN


The allegations you are making are sadly damaging to the credibility and image of the icon of our struggle. I am not going to attempt to respond to your nonsensical and falsified engineered distort myths about our country and role played by our country liberators. However, I want to put it on the records that you must go back and ask for change on fees from those institutions you proclaimed to have learnt at as your writings has no depth. How these things are printed I not now. Your articles they doesnt worth responding to as sensible people will read and see that there is lot of bullshit in what you are here saying as there is no truth in what you are saying. Our Constitution is the best in the worlds which guarantee our peoples of their rights. May advice that you do your study again and resuarch facts not fictions before you make the damaging articles such as these ones. PM


When I visited South Africa in 2004 everyone with teenage children asked me if there was any chance of employment in Denmark, as there was no propsects for white teenagers in South Africa. KH


After reading your article about farm murder in South Africa I hope that white South Africans band together. I'll say a prayer for your people: "may they wake up in time and take matters into their own hands". BW


Your Charles Dickens article in Travel Through History was wonderful. Fantastic job! SS


Your article was wonderful. Thank you very much. SW


I just read your articles about South Africa. Damn good writing! I feel there is a great shortage of objective journalism in the world and thank you for your courage! JL


We have a very biased news media here in the US who wish to bestow a sainthood on Mandela. You have an insight into the real story behind this man and the balls to publish it. TL


Your article on Mr. Mandela is the most ludicrous, most one-sided, non-informed, most racist piece crap I have ever read. You are an ignorant white boer bitch and know nothing about the history of South Africa from a black man's perspective. Come back so us blacks can teach you a lesson. One-boer one-bullet. Bang!



I must congratulate you on this excellent article you published about the SA farm murders. AS


A dreadful shame the leftists caused so much harm in South Africa. I would like to move some of our liberals (responsible for the horror in SA) over there now so they may enjoy the fruits of their labor. JK


Great article on Mandela! It has always sickened me what happened and is still happening to South Africa, with the aid of the US government, and the useful idiots in the media and Hollywood, and the ignorant people they brainwash. I don't have much hope for America, either. WS


Clearly, Baghdad is a safer place to visit than Johannesburg! FP


I have read your articles about South African crime with great interest and agree with your finding. I think many were dumbfounded when President FW de Klerk gave the country to the communists'. Congratulations on your courage and boldness. BB


I was very moved by your writing. JH


I just wanted to let you know I think your stories are great and I like your website - it is by far one of the best journo's websites I have yet seen. SW


I just finished reading your excellent article on the Tsunami. As you described the effects of resonance I immediately began re-thinking the whole 9/11 thing and the jets hitting the World Trade Center. I think we can now safely assume it wasn't the fires that brought down the towers but resonance. BR


A fellow spirit! I have just read your article about Nelson Mandela You stole into my mind and read my thoughts about this. It is amazing how few people know. MH.


I cannot imagine a more harrowing task than reporting on the crimes of baby rape. Bless you my child! That was a great article. JF


As your article is based on verifiable fact, I think it is very hard hitting and brilliantly written. DV


I get lost in your writings - such great skill you have. AB


Excellent stuff. I am sending copies to my friends now. FK


I read your article entitled The Fall of the British Empire with deep interest. You certainly hit the nail on the head. EK


Your views show an unbiased level of deductive reasoning. I like the honesty and integrity of your writing and wish our journalist in the US were as open about the problems here at home and abroad as you are. RT


Thanks so much for this article on SA. You have put into words what I've been secretly thinking for years! I moved to America 6 years ago and have not looked back. RB


Thanks for your help and thanks for caring about South Africa. DP


Wonderful writing! As a South African, I whole-heartedly agree with every word. This need's to be put out there for the rest of the world to hear the truth. BM


You're an amazingly talented author, RB


Excellent work!!!!  I am thrilled that you have written these articles about what is taking place in South Africa. However, you need to take care that you don't put yourself in danger. DG

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