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Cindy-Lou's photojouralistic work is focused on travel, food destinations, boutique hotels, as well as restaurant reviews. She also writes on-road reports about the meanest, nastiest, fire-breathing super-cars out there: Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, plus a few choice super-bikes.


She covers wildlife and environmental issues ranging from hunting, trapping, and endangered species to breed-specific issues, animal rights, conservation, and animal welfare.


Cindy interviews celebrities, high-profile businessmen/women, and writes of cultural issues such as prostitution, the plight of the aged, women's rights, as well as African politics and finance.


"Being a full-time writer gives me license to exercise my mind fully and freely. Writing is an art form that needs much more than just a pen; it takes preparation, patience, perseverance and a creative mind that sees ideas as clearly as splashes of vivid colour. But, most of all it takes passion. A passion to reach beyond the boundaries of imagination. When I turn my pen and compass to travel writing, I go beyond being strongly evocative of place and strive to capture the wonder of cultural idiosyncrasies, speaking to the very soul of travel. I am of the mind that travel is not merely a reward for working, its education for living. And when I conduct an interview, I see it all - the squirm when posing a difficult question, the tic of the eye when delving into corruption allegations, and the body language when touching the truth nerve."

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