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As a professional writer and photographer Cindy-Lou creates non-fiction for numerous publications around the world. Her specialist genres include high-end travel, luxury motoring, food, and affluent lifestyles.


She also provides compelling portrayals of current affairs, discussing African politics and introduces readers to new-age philanthropy. She exposes factual details of heinous crimes, interviews celebrities, discover new wines and often encounters the fundamental goodness of mankind.


She works closely with international titles, crossing from travel to food, luxury lifestyles to high-end motoring. Cindy's award-winning features are illustrated with photographs shot on location by herself.


From her bases in southern England and northern Italy, she regularly travels on assignment to far-flung destinations, gathering information and experiences she documents into feature articles.

"My roots are buried deep in a small farming community in Southern Africa, but since then I've moved around the world, having lived in Cape Town, New York City, Nairobi, Luanda, Windhoek, Beverley Hills, London, Brussels; with further education in the United States, South Africa, England, and mainland Europe.


Working from one of my two bases - one in a quiet hamlet in England and the other in an ancient Italian mountain village, I need look no further than my cobbled street for inspiration. At both locations, just beyond my front door are handsome churches that have been adding a touch of nobility and grandeur to the landscape for centuries. Both are treasured by a few aging parishioners, and one opinionated writer."

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