As a professional editor, writer and photographer, I create non-fiction for numerous publications around the world. My specialist genres include high-end travel, luxury motoring and affluent lifestyles. I also provide compelling portrayals of current affairs, discuss African politics and introduce readers to new-age philanthropy. I expose factual details of heinous crimes, interview celebrities, discover new wines and often encounter the fundamental goodness of mankind.

I work closely with the likes of Travel Africa, TIME and National Geographic Traveller. My award winning features, illustrated with photographs shot on location by myself and my lensman, have been published in international in-flight magazines such as Hemispheres and Sawubona, as well as travel trade journals, luxury review publications, motoring magazines and business periodicals.

From my base in England, I regularly travel on assignment to far-flung destinations, gathering information and experiences used in my articles

To view my most recent writing clips and learn of my planned trips kindly contact me.

Being a full-time writer gives me licence to exercise my mind fully and freely. Writing is an art form that needs much more than just a pen; it takes preparation, patience, perseverance and a creative mind that sees ideas as clearly as splashes of vivid colour. But, most of all it takes passion, a passion to reach beyond the boundaries of imagination. When I turn my pen and compass to travel writing, I go beyond being strongly evocative and capture cultural idiosyncrasies and the wonder of a destination, speaking to the very soul of travel.