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Writers Training


Besides talent, to be a professional writer requires patience, perseverance and preparation. Finding a hook and knowing how and who to pitch your idea to is daunting in itself; organising a complimentary press trip may seem near impossible; and making it all financially viable a somewhat unattainable goal. 

With no clear idea of how to break into her niche market Cindy started out in 2002 and within a short space of time began writing for the likes of TIME magazine and National Geographic. Which is why, based on her first-hand experiences, she's confident in sharing this knowledge with other well-heeled and new writers. 

Thus, on the last Saturday of every months Cindy runs a one-day workshop in New Romney. Her focus is solely on freelance writing for niche market glossy magazines.


Her informal courses speak of crucial considerations when structuring pitches and articles. They are devised, through practical advice, to finesse what you’re already able to produce.


It’s a powerful mix which demonstrates how glossy magazines (and their readers) differ. It explains where to get an idea (and know if it’s a good one), then turning that one good idea into three. You’ll hear about pitching to an editorial calendar ‘theme’ and learn what an editor is looking for - and how to make the right impression. You’ll learn how to arrange a free press trip, what to look for when on assignment, and how to get all the information you need. And finally, how to give your feature the 'wow' factor. By the end of the day you will have written a pitch you’ll be proud to send to any magazine editor, together with a mountain of suggestions on how to construct a good article.

Remember, it's the last Saturday of every month. To book your interest contact Cindy and let her know which month you'll want to attend. For obvious reasons class sizes are really small. Course fees are a steal at £120 - and it comes with cake and tea!

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