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I'm the editor of Aspect County, a glossy lifestyle magazine published in Kent, south-east England. Aspect County attracts an A, A/B1 audience and is exclusively targeted to +150,000 of the wealthiest homes in Kent, Surrey and south-east Sussex and is distributed to over 2,000 outlets in areas of affluence. Because of its unique qualities, an ever increasing number of businesses are advertising in Aspect County as they realise the value readers place on the magazine's content. Aspect County is the only regional publication that reaches the local top income earners - an audience isolated from local forms of media.


I'm editor-at-large of Premier Traveler magazine, a US based multi-award-winning, luxury travel trade journal circulated to the industry across North America. PT is directed to the financially secure perpetual global traveller and the magazine’s contents is focused on the latest industry news, new products and services plus hotel and airline reviews.


Additionally, I'm the editor-at-large of Automotive Traveler, a US based on-line motoring magazine passionate about driving great cars on challenging roads and meeting interesting people on route to dream destinations. They share this passion with +180,000 high income earners through an eclectic mix of automotive and travel adventures. They also publish exclusive Behind the Wheel and First Drive reports, which includes reviews of destinations and road trip food.

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